Wednesday, August 17, 2011


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So What's Hank Up To?

Hank is getting so big so fast! He's 3.75 now, and already busting out of his 4T clothes. I just noticed today that he pronounces pretty much all of his 'r's clearly, all of a sudden, so no more 'oianges' :( but we still have lemolade :)

Hank is loving preschool, and is discovering the joy of listening to audiobooks. Today we went to the library, and Hank got his own library card. He got a kick out of signing his name on the back, and checking out his books and CDs. We checked out an audio version of Winnie the Pooh. I really get a kick out of how Hank pronounces Christopher Robin -- he calls him Krista Behrobbin. Definitely now correcting that anytime soon.

Hank is gradually showing more interest in Beckett. He is still convinced Beckett's name is actually 'Buckett'. Today he wanted to hold Beckett for the first time. It was very sweet.

--- Posting while on the go.

Three Months

Dear Beckett --

Yesterday you turned three months old! I can hardly believe you have been with us for a quarter of a year already. I barely remember what it was like before you came along; that's how deeply you belong with us.

The fourth trimester zoomed by this time. All of a sudden I look down and you are no longer the floppy, squishy baby we met back in May. Don't get me wrong, you are still plenty squishy and floppy, but you are getting stronger and sturdier by the day. And goodness -- so cute!! Your smiles are infectious. When you are happy you wiggle, clasp your teensy little hands together, and push out your chest. Sometimes when you fart, you surprise yourself and your eyes get huge. Your soft red hair is still soft and red, and I still love to snuzzle your hair with my chin. You hold my fingers tightly when nursing, and you are just learning to shake a toy or rattle. You love your blankies, and like to ball them up in your fists and bury your face in them. You prefer to be held upright as opposed to cradled in our arms, and you love to nap on my chest in a baby carrier. You coo, oo, aah, and squeal. Sometimes you cry so hard that you get blotchy. One of your favorite places in the world is your stroller. I still think of you as my little Buddha Baby and call you Boo for short. I also think of you as my lucky penny. You are still working on learning how to roll over, and you hate tummy time. When we are outside, you are amazed by the trees. Trees are quite amazing. You are amazing.


--- Posting while on the go.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Sharing With A New Generation

This past weekend we were supposed to meet up with some friends visiting from NY in SF for dinner. The plan ended up getting called off when we were already on the bridge, so we decided to go into the city and have dinner anyway.

We wound up going to Cafe de la Presse, a French brasserie just outside the gate to Chinatown. After dinner, the kids still had some steam, so we burned it off by wandering Chinatown, taking in the sights and sounds, and exploring. Hank loved it. He absolutely loved it. And it wasn't until we were doing it that I remembered it as something my family would do when I was a child. Sharing this adventure, and being on the other side of the experience, as a parent, was moving and exciting for me.

--- Posting while on the go.