Friday, December 5, 2008

Best Trip To Grocery Store EVER!!

I wish I had pictures... And video...

Hank had more fun at Safeway today than I think I have ever seen him have in his 12.5 month-long life. It was hysterical. Ordinarily I wear Hank in a carrier when we are grocery shopping, but today I put him in the little seat in the cart and he just thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. He cracked up all the way through the store, down every aisle. Everything we saw, everyone we passed, was a brand new reason to laugh and laugh and laugh. Which of course made me laugh and laugh and laugh, because Hank's laugh is absolutely infectious. I am sure people could hear us several aisles over. Hank's insane laughter also made this the most pleasant trip to Safeway ever because everyone we passed cracked up too. Hank left a wake of giggles and laughter all throughout Safeway.

It was the best trip to the grocery store, ever.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Oh my god!

Hank just expanded his vocabulary!! He was standing at my feet with his hands in the air and I said, 'up up?' and he said, 'up!', plain as day.

Hank's had a lot of other memorable moments in the last few days, some funny, others not so much.

In the 'funny' department, Hank got his hands on a big cup of wine a few nights ago. He had the cup by both hands and took a big swig, spilling much of it on the floor, but holding fast to the cup. I got the cup out of his hands, but he kept slipping and sliding in the puddle. It was so cute and funny.

In the 'not-so-funny' department we've got two entries.

1. Hank had a bad cold last week. Over the weekend he started to have a fever. Late saturday night it creeped up to 104.3 so we decided to make a trip to the emergency room. Several hours, many rectal temperature readings, tylenol suppositories, a chest x-ray, and a giant shot of antibiotics later, poor little Hank was diagnosed with pneumonia. :( Pneumonia! We were so sad for our little man! Thankfully the antibiotics seem to be doing the trick. The fever is long gone now and Hank is pretty muchback to his self, but he's got nine more days of antibiotics to go. I'm terrified of him ever getting sick again.

2. Hank destroyed his first piece of furniture today. I turned my back for a second (actually it was to start typing this post!), and I heard a huge crash. There was a flash of light, and then everything went dark. Hank had pulled a tall floor lamp over. When it hit the floor the glass shade and the GIANT glass CFL light bulb shattered all around him. He was so stunned that he just sat there, thank goodness. There was so much glass. He could have been so badly injured. I swooped in to grab him out of the mess before the initial stun wore off and deposited him in his room with the gate closed so I could clean everything up. When I think about it there are so many ways that could have been truly terrible. Fortunately it ended up just being a broken lamp. Thankfully there was no trip to the emergency room. That would have been two in three days!


Thanksgiving has come and gone over here. It was an exceptionally busy and somewhat exhausting week. Henry's family came in from NY and we spent a lot of time doing things like running a 5k in GoldenGate Park and visiting some local museums. And of course we made sure Hank had lots of good Grandma and Grandpa time. They went for lots of walks and played a ton. And of course we cooked a huge thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings. I was pretty wrecked by the end of the cooking that I wasn't even believing that any of it was going to taste good, but I was wrong -- it was all quite good. The next day we made the mistake of trying to visit the new Academy of Sciences. Although we made it inside, I say we 'tried' to see it because holy crap the entire city of San Francisco was inside that freakin' building!! It was awful!! We are still trying to recover from the shellshock of trying to visit the Academy. I'm still trying to figure out to whom I can address a letter with all my complaints. Thank goodness there were no emergencies while we were there, because no way in hell would everyone in that building have been able to get out alive. And don't get me started on all the good parts of the of Academy that had disappeared.... My mom described it as the Metreon of Aquariums... She's right! I'll give it another chance someday, but I'll have to recover from this visit first.