Sunday, November 15, 2009

What has gotten into our child??

9:11 PM and he is in his "room", still going strong...

Instead of falling asleep, he has been reviewing, in detail, all the things he did this weekend. "party? party? party? happy birthday, happy birthday. Baba in the big bed. Play fox song? Make a long long traa-aain. Hank dump-a-cat food. Go to playground. Hear nice, nice music. Hankie play da nice nice music. Biddy bum bum, biddy bum bum! I going go sleep. Hi Raree, Hi Munchie, Hi Mommy!!"

A little bit later it was: " "no eat da froggie light. turn light ON, turn light oo-off. Hankie get down woo! Hankie stand UP!"

He's also discussed going to see the new house today, seeing Justin (our realtor), ringing the doorbell, and asking when he would see Auntie Erin and 'Giffin'.

Now the lights are on in there, and he's out of bed, playing with trains and talking and talking and talking. He's talking about how the pinata "fall down" yesterday at the party when "Thomas hit it", he's talking about how Obama "fall in yogurt and applesauce," which is what happened during breakfast this morning, and then "Obama take a shower", which he did. Now Hank is playing the piano.

It will be so, so nice to have a door on his room!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Train Cake

Train Cake, originally uploaded by allthingssara.


Train Cake, originally uploaded by allthingssara.


Balloons, originally uploaded by allthingssara.

Hey Cupcake!

Hank is TWO!, originally uploaded by allthingssara.

Hank is TWO!

Hank is TWO!, originally uploaded by allthingssara.

Dear Hank,

Today is your second birthday and I think you have an idea of what that is all about this year! You've been interested in birthdays for months, now, what with the Happy Birthday Song being one of your favorites to sing, and repurposing all cone-shaped items as birthday hats that you place immediately on your head. I hope that I never forget the sweet little image of you dancing around our apartment with your megaphone on your head like a birthday hat singing "Happy Birthday" in total and complete delight.

We had such fun over the last couple of days. I loved making a cake for you that looked like a train -- we spent the afternoon and evening before your birthday at Geema and Geepop's house. You played with Geepop while Geema and I decorated your cake. Every so often you would run over to the counter to check on our progress. You would point excitedly, and burst out with a "that a for da birfday!" As the cake began to look like a train, you would scamper over and yell "Mama make a choo choo train!" and "Mama made it!!" Your happiness just made my heart warm.

Hank you are so, big and smart and sweet. We went to the doctor yesterday and found out that you are 31.2 pounds, 34.75 inches tall, and have 21 inch head. The doctor was very impressed with how many words you know and how well you understand and can communicate. We are always impressed with you and your smarts.

I often find myself looking at you these days and just marveling at the fact that you used to fit right inside me. I wonder, "how did you ever get in there??" And when I think about the changes you have been through in these short two years since the day you were born, I am really blown away. Your whole family is so proud of you -- you are smart and loving and learning new things all the time. Every week you seem more mature than the last one, so I am trying to soak up all the hugs and snuggles and "I love noos" I can get right now.

This morning you woke up still sleepy and needed some cuddling before launching into our day. We sat quietly on the floor in your room in the soft light of an overcast morning, you melted on to my lap and into my chest and we snuggled and I told you all about the morning two years ago when you were born. It was a sweet way to start your birthday.

I am truly lucky to be your mama.

Love, Love, Love,

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Catching Up on the Last Months....


...back on the grid.
We took a quick trip to Big Sur this weekend for a little break from the routine and some of the stress we've been experiencing over getting ready to close on the house and move, not to mention work stuff. There just hasn't been a lot of time for slowing down. Big Sur is the cure. We stayed a night at the Big Sur River Inn where Hank had a ball throwing rocks in the river. We also went for a "nature walk" to "find the ocean" at Andrew Molera State Park. Hank rode on my back the whole way, and it was so much fun to have his running commentary the whole time. He hadn't been up in a back-carry in a long time and we both really enjoyed it. I can't tell you how much I miss wearing him everyday and everywhere. He's always been so snuggly. Anyway, Hank loved the nature walk. Henry and I had to cross a river without a bridge twice and Hank thought it was a hoot! He kept cracking up and telling us about how "mama get wet!"

...Got rained off the playground!
...Sharing a pumpkin muffin with Hank outside of Arizmendi.

These two status updates were from my friday with Hank this week. It had been a long time since we had had a normal friday. Between work commitments, H1N1, and I can't even remember what, I think it had been four or five weeks since we'd had a normal friday. We had a really fun time, sharing breakfast outside a local cafe/bakery, and then going to a playground at Lake Temescal. While we were there the weather turned and it started raining pretty steadily. There were several toddlers enjoying the playground, and once the drizzle turned to flat out raindrops, all the moms were rushing around scooping up kids and sippy cups and dashing to cars. Hank thought it was so funny and kept saying it was like a shower.

... Wishes she could hide out in the Redwood Grove by the Transamerica Pyramid all day today.
This is a spot near my office. I love spending time there during lunch, especially on days when I feel like hiding. I admit I've been having some of those days again, but nothing I can't handle. I'm feeling pretty anxious about what my commute is going to be like once we move, and a lot of the other "unknowns" that we are facing are making me feel nervous these days. I'm just glad there is a calm spot near my office where I can take a break.

...The packing nightmare has begun!
We started packing and it is a mess around here. We haven't even done that much, yet there are already stacks of boxes here there and everywhere. We took an entire car load of books, clothes, and other household items to donate to the Oakland Museum White Elephant Sale. We haven't even been through the kitchen, the garage, the storage, or Hank's room yet, but we are committed to purging before we go.

...Of course NOW he's all about the banana costume!!
The day after Halloween Hank was finally ready to wear his banana costume, and boy was he cute in it. The Cutest Banana in the World.


...Hank's first honest to goodness trick or treat experience was a hit. We had a blast! Now Henry and I are home, and Hank is sleeping it off at Geema and Geepop's house.

...Loooooves acupuncture.
Need I say anything else? I started going regularly again after the miscarriage last winter. (man, was that nearly a year ago already? time flies...). It hasn't helped me get pregnant again, but I do think it helps me manage my stress and helps with some other issues, so I will keep going. I'm scared I won't be able to go at all once the house is bought, but I intend to keep seeing Amy as long as possible.

...9:00 am and we have already built a tent, made three long long trains, built towers and knocked them over, played with Obama and Darwin, hugged the cats until they ran away, tried on all the hats, and had a gorilla cheese sandwich.
This post pretty much summed up what life with Hank is like these days. We have a LOT of fun. He's really excited about his world -- everything is fun to him right now. He loves making a tent out of a blanket thrown over the dining table. He's constantly asking to "build a towa!" and "make a longlongtwain!" We stack the blocks as high and as precariously as we can and then Hank knocks them over with complete and total glee. To make a long, long train, we fish all the little wooden trains we have (approximately thirty, depending on how many we can find), and hook them all together in to, well, a long, long train. He knows the names of each type of train car we have (including the ones that are wooden letters on wheels -- he can pretty much spell his name with those). As for Obama and Darwin, well we have an action figure of each and he just loves them. He puts Darwin in the train and pushes him around. He likes to have dinner with Obama, saying over an over again "Obama have-a-dinnah!" He's got a few other favorite friends now as well, including Bankie (a blankie) and Touchdownbear (a teddy bear -- the name came from how Hank likes to watch the Cal Bear games with my dad and yell 'Touchdown! Bears!!!'). His other favorite toy these days is the ukulele. He likes to have me play it for him, and he likes to play it himself, and sing to us. I've taken videos of all the song he sings for us, and they are just precious to me. Precious. Even more precious is the fact that he's recently started singing along with us as we sing at the same time -- we sing together now and it is just dreamy and sweet and something I've always dreamed we would do. Sniff! Sometimes I play the uke and sing while he accompanies me on the maraca or harmonica. I think we should take it on the road! a fortune cookie tonight that told her that "redecorating is in your future". How true is that??
Now if only we could agree on paint colors, and which rooms really need it! loving that Hank's new BFFs are action figures of Charles Darwin and Obama. He calls them by name and has them play with each other.
See above!

...thought Hank was on the mend, but his fever came back with a vengeance tonight. :( debating how hot is too hot and about to call the advice nurse.
...I hate you, H1N1, and the home buying process, too. You both suck.

Poor little Hank came down with the dreaded Swine Flu last month. He had a horrible fever that would not let go for several days, we had to pay a visit to the emergency room, two chest xrays, ack! We are so glad he's better.

...Left the pumpkin patch south of half moon bay nearly two hours ago, and has finally reached 280.
We went pumpkin hunting in Half Moon Bay with our dear friends the Nolan Family again this year. What we didn't realize at the time that we made our plans was that it was the HMB Pumpkin Festival Weekend. We decided to brave it anyway, and we had a terrific time, until we started heading home and got stuck in the gnarliest traffic ever. It was so bad that I will never even consider going to the pumpkin festival again. No way no how... That being said, Hank LOVES pumpkins. He seriously thinks they are the greatest thing on earth. He cracks up when he sees them and just starts dancing. it is so cute. In fact, he loved the pumpkin display at our Whole Foods so much that he would try to climb it. When we would pass by the Whole Foods, he would wave at the storefront and call out, "pumpkins in the whole foods!". When they got rid of all the left over pumpkins after Halloween, he has missed seeing the pumpkins and makes sure I know how much. I finally had to suggest that the pumpkins were hiding. He nods is understanding, and murmurs contemplatively, "pumpkins hiiiiding...."

...Found out this afternoon that my old (horrible) employers are my new HOA's attorneys and has felt like hurling ever since.
Ugh. This almost torpedoed the whole deal for me. The thought of seeing Sandy Bonato in my neighborhood -- or even worse getting a LETTER from her about my landscaping!! -- just had me so incredibly upset, I can't begin to do it justice here on the blog. God that woman is just hateful. I don't even care if she sees this.

...just got back from taking Hank to his happiest place on earth -- Home Depot!!
You would have thought it was disneyland! Paint chips! Ceiling fans! Tile samples! Flooring! Lumber! So! Exciting!!

...And Henry are joining the ranks of homeowners. :)
Oh I just love our house. I can't wait to move in and make it a lovely, happy home.

... It must be fall! Pomegranates and persimmons have invaded Whole Foods.
I love fall. Love it. It is such a cozy time.


...Enjoying a new song Hank made up. It goes something like 'peanut boooy!! Peanut boooy!! Be bump bump bump!!!'
The singing is so, so wonderful! He loves to sing, and he can totally carry a tune! Good rhythm, too!

... As Tom Petty once said, the wai-ai-aiting is the hardest part.
I'm not sure what I was waiting for that day... response to an offer on a house? My hopes for a positive pregnancy test to be dashed once again? The BART train? I have no idea, but those are a few things that I wait for often.

...Laying in bed, trying to summon the energy to get up, listening to Hank who is in his room playing his harmonica (aka 'makaka')
I love my musical boy!

... Hank proclaims burmese food to be 'spicy!!'
I'm so glad Hank is an adventurous eater. He'll try just about anything, it is so great.
Hank throws rocks in the Big Sur River
Hank throws rocks in the Big Sur River

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Did I Mention We Bought A House?

From the street, originally uploaded by allthingssara.

Huge news -- can't believe I've not entered this into the blog yet! It is already all over facebook, but not here in the Archive...

Yep, we bought a house. 4 bd, 3 bath, backyard with sandbox, play house, and hot tub, room for gardening, great room with hugely high ceilings. We close in a couple of weeks and move right before christmas! Very exciting and terrifying all at once. But oh, how our quality of life will improve just by having a room with a door for Hank and our own laundry facilities. I can hardly stand the wait.

10 Years of California!

On a walk, originally uploaded by allthingssara.

Henry celebrated his 10 year anniversary of moving to California! We had a wonderful evening to celebrate -- a long walk in the Bay Lands at dusk, and Mexican food in Palo Alto for dinner.

Aiiieee!!! PUMPKINS!!!!

Aiiieee!!! PUMPKINS!!!!, originally uploaded by allthingssara.

I think this picture speaks for itself.

Hank with Bankie and Touchdownbear

One of my very favorite views. Such big eyes!


Banana!!, originally uploaded by allthingssara.

Hank picked this costume out before Halloween, but refused to wear it until after Halloween. The one time I got it on him before Halloween he just cried and cried. He was the World's Saddest Banana. :( Not anymore!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Hank had a great time last night! We took him around in a stroller as he slept last year, so this was his first Official Trick or Treat! We went out to my parents' house at about 5 pm. I had stuffed all the costume alternatives into a tote bag (banana, dragon/dinosaur thing, daniel boone hat, wizard cape and hat, pumpkin hat) because he was still refusing to put any of our costumes on. I have an old wizard's hat from a halloween several years ago and he had been enjoying playing with that during the week. When I passed by a toy store yesterday afternoon I went in bought Hank a cape and a magic wand that lights up and makes a "woosh!" when you press a button thinking that maybe I'd be able to get him to wear the wizard hat and cape if I distracted him with the wand.

Well, that plan worked like a charm. After playing in the back yard and having some pizza for dinner we threw the cape and hat on Hank and gave him the wand and went outside to go up and down the street.

At first Hank wasn't really sure what to think. The first couple of houses we went to he just walked right inside! (I think he thought that we were house hunting?). But then he noticed that there were so many other people and kids out in the street, that everyone was wearing funny outfits, and that everyone was walking up to houses, getting to take candy from them, and going to the next house. Something clicked and he was off! He ran up and down the street from house to house just having a ball! He'd ring the doorbell, stand in front of the door until it was opened, hold out his little treat bag and say "twick oh tweet!", burst out with at "tank oo!!", and then scamper back into the street with all the other kids. Oh, it was such fun!

He managed to go to every single house on my parents' street with out wearing out. By the time we made it back to ring Geepop's doorbell, he was pretty tuckered out, but still wasn't quite ready to call it a night. We all sat on the front porch and handed out candy. Hank played with all the decorations that my dad had put up (they were all glowing under a black light), and then he sat quietly with us on the porch and enjoyed a huge lollypop. When that was done we took him inside and put him to bed.

It was such a lovely evening. Henry took tons of pictures and I hope they will be ready soon.