Thursday, June 28, 2007

Off to Maine

OK, I think we are ready to go. We are pretty much packed, and I've assembled a Deluxe Red Eye Survival Kit consisting of a neck pillow, a fleece blanky, a pouch of cosmetic items that I hope won't be confiscated at security, ginger, the iPod, a portable DVD player, Kleenex, and a season of the Gilmore Girls and the Simple Life. With a supply of water and frequent walks up and down the aisle, I think I'm going to be OK. We also decided I should dress as pregnant as possible and work the belly when we check in, in the hopes that the gate agent may take pity on me and bump us to first class (hey we can dream).

If I can put my trepidation about flying aside, I am really looking forward to this trip. I think we are going to have a really nice time. Henry's scoped out a beach-side minigolf that sounds like a blast, and it sounds like there are some good swimming hole opportunities. I've packed my watercolors, and I intend to use them several times, and a couple of books -- none pregnancy related. And I keep hearing murmurings about a canoe being available? Sweet.

Take that, Munchie!

Henry got back at Monster/Munchie for the bite she gave him the night before. Poor thing had to break out the industrial strength band-aid for that one!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Cat in the Tub is Worth Two in the Sink?

Riley has developed a habit of not really wanting to drink water unless it comes from the faucet in the bathtub. He follows us in there at breakneck pace and meows and stares at us until we turn on the water. The only annoying part of this habit is when he wakes me up multiple times in the middle of the night by ripping our dust ruffle to shreds. Why he thinks that is going to get me to go honor his wishes for tub-fresh water, I don't know, because believe you me, I do not succumb under such circumstances! Bad cat!

Speaking of bad cats, our other feline, Monster (or as we call her more habitually "Munchie") has been developing some nasty habits of her own. She bites us! She gets all lovey dovey snuggly, and then chomp! When this first started to happen to me I was wondering if she was reacting to the pregnancy, as I have read that sometimes pets can be sensitive to those changes in an owner. Now we are just starting to thing that she's a biter. I probably should be worried about this in the context of how she is going to treat a baby, but for some reason I'm not. She's not a mean cat, she's just a bit high strung at times, and maybe just the slightest bit possessive?

Monday, June 25, 2007

Allll Abooooarrrd!!!

For those of you who don't know him, my husband loves trains. We took a fun excursion ride on Sunday afternoon on the Niles Canyon Railroad, a train that is operated by a club of train enthusiasts through a little canyon that runs between Fremont and Pleasanton. I've always loved driving through Niles Canyon. It is twisty and treesy and has a great creek that rushes from one end to the other. I remember visiting a regional park in that Canyon when I was a kid where the creek was dammed up, creating an enormous swimming hole. You could not get me out of the water! I think that the creek has been undammed, but we could tell from the train that there were still some good swimming holes along the creek, so you can bet we'll be heading back there soon for a dip.

The train had a great car that was open air, but covered so we didn't get too much sun. We grabbed a bench and enjoyed the air as we bounced up and down the track. It was a great way to get some air and enjoy the weather, which has been terrific. We found out as we were leaving that you can rent the caboose for private parties, so I think we know what the stowaway will be doing on at least one birthday party coming up!

Making room For Baby

We've begun the process of clearing some space in our apartment in the hopes that we'll be able to find a place to put the baby when it arrives. We've got 22 weeks to finish this project, and by the looks of things, we are going to need it! Above and below are shots of my "office" in the aftermath of culling through my book and CD collections and repositioning some bookshelves on Saturday. That is what that room has looked like since then, when I lost my steam at about 1:30 in the afternoon.

I've been needing to do this for a while, so I really don't mind much. I'm just hoping I can muster up some energy to put that room back in order before Friday, when we leave for Maine for a week. I can just picture myself forgetting about that mess, and coming home and finding it. I think my only thought would be "arrrrgh!!!"

This burst of efficiency was brought on by my husband's sudden decision to start cleaning out his bookshelves and closets because he was starting to be concerned with where we were going to put all the baby stuff. Here is his office, mid purge. Keep in mind that a few days after he began this project, he adopted a collector's enormous collection of model railroading magazines -- 20 bankers boxes worth -- and brought them home. He's planning to sell them on EBay, so theorertically, they'll be gone soon. Anyone who is interested, send me an email!

We're thinking that we are actually going to put the baby in our bedroom, in the far corner in this picture. Obviously the dressers will have to move.

In fact, a lot of furniture is going to have to move. I've been plotting out floor plans in my little notebook. Baby Tetris is a challenging game!

I think we'll be able to get organized and make some space in here, but it is going to be a tight squeeze.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cleared for Take Off!

We had a great appointment yesterday. Henry took pictures, but they are just of me being examined, so for the moment I think I'll be keeping those to myself ;). We didn't see the baby again, but we heard the wonderful little heartbeat, and I was measuring right at 18 weeks (which is exactly right). We are lucky to have great doctors who are really friendly and listen to our questions and really give us good answers and advice.

Later in the day I met up with a girlfriend who helped me figure out what I needed to register for. We did a blitz on babies r us and all my gear-related anxiety has finally subsided. That was just what the doctor ordered!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Fear of Flying

So this week I've realized that I am feeling really scared about this whole 'having a baby thing'. I'm not really worried about being a parent, I think I am more worried about becoming a parent, the transition time that goes with it, the changes and growing pains that necessarily are part of it. I worry that I won't know how to access the patience or creativity that I think I'll need to do a good job of it. Or that I just, simply won't know what to do. I feel grateful and lucky, though, to have so many friends who have gone down this road before me, though, who are so encouraging and supportive. I know I'll be leaning on them in the coming months. One of them is taking me to babies r us to help me with a baby registry, as that is what's got me in the biggest spin right now -- so many decisions, so many options, and of course all the marketing makes a hormonal pregnant lady feel like if she makes the wrong choice, all hell will break loose!

And then I'm also actually scared of flying -- actual flying -- right now. We are set to go to Maine in a week and a half. We are taking a red eye. I am not looking forward to it (the red eye, that is. I am looking forward to the trip!). I hate red eyes under the best of circumstances, and under pregnant circumstances I can't imagine how tired and swollen and puffy I am going to be when we finally land. I'm working now on developing a mind set of relaxation and zen that will hopefully get me through the journey unscathed, but whoa... not looking forward to it. Especially as I am more prone to motion sickness these days (I may need to update the list below upon our return!). And of course I read something on the internet about a link between pressurized cabins and preterm labor, so I'm in a bit of a twist about that as well. Thankfully I've got a doctor's appointment this morning, and questions about flying are at the top of my list.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Greetings from Wagmond-Ville!

17 weeks and 4 days pregnant, I am still lucky enough to be enjoying bouts of "morning" sickness at all hours of the day and night. After losing my dinner last night in a Pasta Pomodoro, Henry and I decided that it was truly time to make a list of all the Places I've Puked since getting the big fat positive back in March. What better place to keep that list than on a blog for all our friends and family to enjoy?

To the best of my memory, I've puked in the following places:

1. Home -- bathroom

2. Home -- kitchen

3. Home -- on the cat

4. Work -- upstairs restroom

5. Work -- downstairs restroom

6. Work -- in the parking lot, getting out of my car

7. a gas station bathroom

8. two restaurants in Mendocino

9. a porta-potty on Hwy 1

10. the Castro Theatre

11. the Emery Bay movie theatre

12. various trashcans

13. Work, again - -in my office

14. at my parents' house

15. in restaurants all over San Francisco

16. in restauarnts all over Oakland

17. from the passenger seat of a still moving car
18. at prenatal yoga class

This list is not exhaustive, and I reserve the right to update as necessary ;)