Thursday, March 11, 2010

Some more Hankisms

I feel like I must cherish every last drop of "baby" that is left in my precious boy, so here are a few more Hankisms that are still peppered here and there in Hank's speech.

oiange = orange
"happy balanz card" = happy valentines day card (a musical card he loves that plays "you are my sunshine" with a very happy sunshine and rainbow on the front)
Sampansisco! = San Francisco, as in "Do you know where mommy works?"

Branwyn informs me from London that "I wiggle!!" is an enduring Hankism in the Darlington household, following reading Hank the Matisse Dance For Joy book when they visited last summer.

Not really a Hankism, but when I pick him up from day care now, he exclaims with glee, "I MISS you today!!". He also has this sweet habit of coming up to me now, gluing himself to my legs, looking up with big eyes and saying, "I want to snuggle with mommmmmy." How to resist? One usually cannot.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Hank has really cut out most of his baby talk in the last couple if months. We are so proud of him and his vocal stylings, but I will absolutely miss some of those sweet little words. There are still a handful of Hank-isms that he uses regularly, so I thought I ought to write those down before he stops using them and I forget them, too.

I nuvoooo! (I love you)
Ookooneedee (ukulele)
Bing bed! (big bed = mama and daddy's bed)
Lastamando (San Fernando -- as in 'the last train to San Fernando')
Bankie (blankie, usually requested in conjunction with Touchdownbear)

--- Posting while on the go.